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Bye Bye Ireland

October 19, 2011

I got the idea for the name last week when I was sitting on a bench at the Four Courts LUAS stop and a young woman, so thin she was nearly two-dimensional, told me that she had just been in Court to appeal a conviction.

“What was the conviction?”

“I got a ten year driving ban.”

Holy fuck. What had she done? Who had she killed?

“I’d got it for driving without insurance. My driving licence is out of date, as well.”

She showed me a used provisional licence. No, she hadn’t passed her test, she had always driven without having passed her test (like half the fucking motorists in Ireland …)

“But I need to be able to drive, cos I have four kids and they’re each got a different father and I have to be able to drive them round, y’know?”

I told her to get a good lawyer.

I was stunned, not just at the story I was listening to but at her absolute sense of her own self-worth.

There are some people who deserve to have low self-esteem.

So, let’s just pick this apart a wee moment …

– unmarried mother
– driving without passing a test
– driving without insurance
– four children
– of four different fathers.

Goodbye Ireland!!!!!!!


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